Welcome to Wonderland



"I like to spend a bit of time on the floor beforehand, just getting into the rhythm of things and seeing what's happening with the last set and how people are responding. Sometimes you can have a ...


"Techno's not one of those things that you watch. You can't understand it if you just watch it. It's what they call in French 'participation mystique'. So you know, it's the mystery of participa...


"I'm dressed rather conventionally, and you know a bit of grey hair and that and yet they don't take any notice of it, it's marvellous!"


"When I first started going dancing again I was the girl up in the back corner in the shadows with her head down, not making eye contact cause I was so embarrassed about what I looked like or ho...


"For that brief moment you're both feeling that. There's nothing in this world like it. No amount of movies or virtual reality can add up to five minutes of that sort of feeling."


"You're in the bush, you've got these fantastic people, you've got this fantastic spirit, this fantastic music, bring on the champagne!"