Welcome to Wonderland

Behind the Scenes with composer Brett Aplin

Aplin Scores

Internationally recognised and awarded composer Brett Aplin, declares that working on Welcome to Wonderland, a film that essentially uses music as a narrative character to tell a story was 'a rare pleasure, and hopes that his music will contribute to people's love of the film?'

"The characters in Welcome to Wonderland are fascinating and interesting people who are obviously honest and passionate about life. I believe I used some of their energy to push my own music a little further than I would have otherwise."

Asked to score twelve different musical pieces, Brett had the opportunity to explore many different genres of music. "I hope each piece contributes to the film as much as the locations or characters themselves," says Brett. "And because music is such an integral part of the 'wonderland' experience, I felt freed from conventional stylistic constraints to explore different musical ideas."

"There are images and scenes in the film that are breathtaking, and this made it easier for me to capture the scenes musically," says Brett. "While I certainly hope that people enjoy the music, it was never my intention to draw attention to it. Rather, it should add to the film in a manner largely invisible to the audience, forming an integral part of the story."

It is apparent that Brett had a great time creating music for Welcome to Wonderland, and being involved in the collaborative experience with James (Director) and Sioux (Editor). "Hopefully that comes through in the music," he says with a grin.

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