Welcome to Wonderland

Behind the Scenes with composer Felix Hamer

Everybody needs a little Sugar sometimes

Felix Hamer, aka Sugar, is one of Australia's leading trance artists with over fifteen releases under his belt. His love of trance music, outdoor parties and festivals transforms into an energy that explodes onto the dance floor. Creating music is as much his passion as performing live, so composing music for Welcome to Wonderland was right up his alley.

"The challenge was creating music that complimented the film because musically in trance there is a repetitive beat, but the footage doesn't necessarily get cut to that beat," explains Felix. "I've tried to keep my same style and essence within the composed music for Welcome to Wonderland, but I have also incorporated some new aspects of sound design."

A number of Felix's superb tracks from his recent album 'Bionic Wonderland' also feature throughout Welcome to Wonderland creating a driving rhythm for the film. His euphoric sound is distinctively individual. His freaky beats, disco loops, psychedelic soundscapes and organic rhythms simply make you want to dance.

"I think we have created something really beautiful," he says passionately. "It was a wonderful experience working with vocalists for the first time, as well as collaborating with a team of people to create a cinematic experience. It was great as there were a lot of fun people to work with."

Felix adds that it was an interesting process putting it all together, but very rewarding. "This was a different experience to creating a CD or music for the dance floor. However, essentially the experience you are trying to create for the listener is the same, in that, it is all about taking the listener on a journey."

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