Welcome to Wonderland

On top of the world!

The Enchanted Wonderland

It's September 2004 and life here in Wonderland is very busy! Everyone is buzzing with excitement, and committed to creating the best film we can.

Our local Melburnian composers are adding the finishing touches to their sections of the original music score. The film features a selection of over 50 different pieces of music ranging in style from world music to Australia's finest trance. The final magic touch to this refreshing soundtrack will be the 5.1 surround sound mix.

Last month's I'm in Wonderland photograph competition winner is Sam - sam@chaishop.com, from Germany. He took this enchanted photo at the recent Waldfrieden Wonderland festival. Looks to us like the perfect spot to take in the view of the bush party below, kick back with a beer (or preferred beverage of your choice) and listen to the awesome sounds pumping out of the speakers!

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