Welcome to Wonderland

Behind the Scenes with editor Cindy Clarkson

Cindy C Rolls Up Her Sleeves

"This has been an epic in the making for all involved, and the end result is due to a lot of people's persistence to make the best film and DVD package possible!" Meet Cindy Clarkson. Cindy has had an instrumental influence on the production of Welcome to Wonderland, and is proud of it. She has contributed with technical and creative support, and also introduced many of the post-production talent to the project.

A skilled and efficient editor, Cindy began the arduous task of assembly editing 150 hours of footage. She compiled an early stage of the rough cut before having to leave to fulfil a prior commitment to an American feature film. "Leaving this project was tough, but I kept in contact and helped where I could. In the end I came back to edit ten of the nineteen DVD extra components," Cindy explains.

With so much great footage available, the vision for Welcome to Wonderland included DVD extras from the beginning. "It's an organic extension of the documentary film that compliments and extends the Wonderland experience," says Cindy. "There are music and dance clips, 'Making Of' featurettes, DJ interviews, as well as film making components. There is something for everyone!"

"One of my bugbears is that the extras on most DVDs never reflect the quality of the film. So my main aim from the outset has been to try to compliment the film without imitating it." Those hours of editing footage in the beginning were handy in the end, assisting Cindy to locate material that hadn't been used in the film. "Hopefully, it will give the viewer a different, but still enjoyable experience," she says.

The DVD extras and CD soundtrack reflect the quality of the film, and have certainly had just as much work and thought put into them. "It's so much more than just a film. Welcome to Wonderland is an expression of joy that you will want to enjoy over and over again," she says definitively.

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